Recent Before & After Photos

Water in Floor

Flooring MoistureThis water came from a leaky dishwasher supply line and affected almost every room on the floor that the damage occurred on. The water had also... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

When Pipes Are LeakyAccording to an article by Emergency Plumber, here are some of the most common causes of leaky pipes:Deterioration:This cause is fairly stra... READ MORE

Soft Content Restoration!

Soot On BootsThese shoes were sentimental to the homeowner. They were damaged by smoke and soot seemingly beyond repair. We were able to fully restore the leath... READ MORE

Invisible Moisture

Behind The WallsWhat someone can't see is a dangerous thing. While not always damaging to one's health, excess moisture and, in turn, mold can be detrimental to... READ MORE

Floods Levels Reaching New Heights

High TidesAs you can see in these photos, the extent of the damage goes to at least knee-level. According to CNBC, the Brazos River was over 10 feet above flood... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Getting Your Ducts In A RowAccording to The U.S. Department of Energy, 6% of all energy expenditures nationwide goes to Air Conditioning. Costing homeowners ove... READ MORE

What You Can't See

Hidden MoistureAside from an absence of baseboards, an easy assumption could be made that the room in the "before" photo has no issues. There is no visible wall... READ MORE

Pipe Bursting

Ceiling ConundrumThis ceiling damage is the result of a rupture in the emergency sprinkler line on the third floor of the building. The insulation was heavily a... READ MORE

Sitting Water

Hallway PuddleThis area of standing water was the result of a hot water heater malfunctioning. Notice how the entirety of the floor was wet. In some spots the w... READ MORE

More Kansas City Flood Damage

July 26th, 2017Kansas City and the surrounding area saw some heavy rainfall late July 2017. The night of July 26th a reported 7 inches of rain fell in East-Cent... READ MORE