Recent Before & After Photos

Living Room Drying

Hot Water HeaterHot Water in The City...This water loss was the result of a malfunction in the utility room in a home that spread across 5 rooms. In this case, ... READ MORE

Hallway Drying

Stripping The CarpetRipping up and Drying out...Sometimes you can't see damage when it occurs. The before picture above demonstrates this point. Although there ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Water ExtractionDrying The FloorsThis before and after of a flooded basement was a result of a broken supply line. The water line that supplied the refrigerator... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

2017 FloodsMidwest UnrestAccording to the national weather service, The night and early morning of July 26th and 27th was an eventful weather night. Shortl... READ MORE

Removal and Remediation

Flooring and UnderlaymentRotten ParticleboardOn this job, we were called due to suspected microbial growth in what seemed to be a structurally unsound room. Aft... READ MORE

Rotten On The Inside

Walls and Flooring Rotted OutFinding out what's on the inside...Upon a mold inspection, this customer was informed her bathroom had high levels of microbial gro... READ MORE

Chimney Removal

Crumbling SupportRemoving The ChimneyThis damaged chimney was a result of a fire. The homeowners were not home at the time of the fire, but the fire was able to... READ MORE

Upstairs Flood

The Ceiling Can't Hold It!This loss came as a result of a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. Unbeknownst to the resident, the water had been accumulating unde... READ MORE

Esporta Wash System!

Game Changer!The Esporta Wash System is a game changer. Items like leathers and other soft goods, once thought to be garbage, are now completely restorable afte... READ MORE

Mold Damage!

Poor Damage RemediationThis home had a water damage several years ago that was not professionally dried out. Unfortunately oftentimes that leads to bigger probl... READ MORE