Recent Before & After Photos

Pipe Bursting

Ceiling ConundrumThis ceiling damage is the result of a rupture in the emergency sprinkler line on the third floor of the building. The insulation was heavily a... READ MORE

Sitting Water

Hallway PuddleThis area of standing water was the result of a hot water heater malfunctioning. Notice how the entirety of the floor was wet. In some spots the w... READ MORE

More Kansas City Flood Damage

July 26th, 2017Kansas City and the surrounding area saw some heavy rainfall late July 2017. The night of July 26th a reported 7 inches of rain fell in East-Cent... READ MORE

Mold Affecting Bedroom From Beneath

Silent IntruderThis before and after was a result of a fungal growth underneath the house. A dishwasher leak in the utility room had caused a fungal growth unde... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

We've All Seen Some Severe Weather!This year, we went on call to help mitigate the damage on the Kansas City Floods. What You see in these photos is flood water... READ MORE

Stove Fire

A Stove Catching FireWas the cause of this damage presented in the photos. See the amount of soot on the walls. The soot damage was so extensive that it eventua... READ MORE

Mold Within Walls

Mold Behind WallsYou can see the mold damage in the first picture. The mold in this photo was the result of a historical leak associated with a HVAC system cond... READ MORE

Soaked Flooring in Office Building

Water Drenched Floor Before and After.This drenched carpet in an office building was the result of a toilet overflowing. See how the water spread through the wa... READ MORE

Cleanup After Mold Discovery

Affected AreasMold is a fast-spreading problem that affects everything within its reach. As you can see in this photo, once mold has been introduced to an area,... READ MORE

Hurricane Matthew Storm Damage

2016 saw some severe weather. In the North were snow storms, in the Midwest tornadoes, the West saw wildfires, and the gulf South saw hurricanes- specifically, ... READ MORE