Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Living Room Drying

Hot Water Heater Hot Water in The City...This water loss was the result of a malfunction in the utility room in a home that spread across 5 rooms. In this case,... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Water Extraction Drying The Floors This before and after of a flooded basement was a result of a broken supply line. The water line that supplied the refrigerat... READ MORE

Water in Floor

Flooring Moisture This water came from a leaky dishwasher supply line and affected almost every room on the floor that the damage occurred on. The water had als... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

When Pipes Are Leaky According to an article by Emergency Plumber, here are some of the most common causes of leaky pipes:Deterioration:This cause is fairly str... READ MORE

Pipe Bursting

Ceiling Conundrum This ceiling damage is the result of a rupture in the emergency sprinkler line on the third floor of the building. The insulation was heavily ... READ MORE

Hidden Moisture

Beneath The Surface Although it is not apparent that the flooring is wet-it is. The moisture is not visible which is where we come in! Once we arrived to the ho... READ MORE

Mold Affecting Bedroom From Beneath

Silent Intruder This before and after was a result of a fungal growth underneath the house. A dishwasher leak in the utility room had caused a fungal growth und... READ MORE

Three Stories?

No matter if you have a small water leak, or your home takes on a water damage like this one did, encompassing all 3 stories. The Professionals at SERVPRO of Ch... READ MORE