Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Hallway Drying

Stripping The Carpet Ripping up and Drying out...Sometimes you can't see damage when it occurs. The before picture above demonstrates this point. Although there... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

2017 Floods Midwest Unrest According to the national weather service, The night and early morning of July 26th and 27th was an eventful weather night. Shortly a... READ MORE

Upstairs Flood

The Ceiling Can't Hold It! This loss came as a result of a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. Unbeknownst to the resident, the water had been accumulating und... READ MORE

Floods Levels Reaching New Heights

High Tides As you can see in these photos, the extent of the damage goes to at least knee-level. According to CNBC, the Brazos River was over 10 feet above floo... READ MORE

What You Can't See

Hidden Moisture Aside from an absence of baseboards, an easy assumption could be made that the room in the "before" photo has no issues. There is no visible wal... READ MORE

More Kansas City Flood Damage

July 26th, 2017Kansas City and the surrounding area saw some heavy rainfall late July 2017. The night of July 26th a reported 7 inches of rain fell in East-Cent... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

We've All Seen Some Severe Weather! This year, we went on call to help mitigate the damage on the Kansas City Floods. What You see in these photos is flood wate... READ MORE

Hurricane Matthew Storm Damage

Storm Damage2016 saw some severe weather. In the North were snow storms, in the Midwest tornadoes, the West saw wildfires, and the gulf South saw hurricanes- sp... READ MORE

Storm Team Ready

SERVPRO of Chattooga, Dade, and Walker Counties is part of all 4 National Storm. Teams. We travel to major storms nationwide. Following IICRC guidelines, you ca... READ MORE